DPV Health

Mill Park Super Clinic

DPV Health is committed to narrowing the health equality gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We provide a range of dedicated consultative services with qualified professionals, to address specific needs and requirements. This provides you with access to the programs and services that you choose are right for your needs

Our services include: Women’s Health; Child, Family and Paediatric Services; Planned Activity Groups; Podiatry; Diabetics; Physiotherapy; Disability; Housing Support; Financial Counselling. We have other programs available to you through our Priority Access Clinics: Dental (Fortnightly on Monday); Nephrology/Renal; Endocrinology; Respiratory; Mental health (Fortnightly appointments. A referral from your GP is required); Optometry; Ear Health (Audio testing in just 15 minutes)


The Priority Access Clinic services are provided through separate offices and specialists. To make our services wholly accessible to you, we will also send you a courtesy text and/or telephone call to remind you of your next appointment, and we discount parking at DPV Health sites where parking fees apply.

20 Civic Drive
Mill Park Vic 3082

(03) 8401 7373

(03) 9407 1774